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We create a synergetic interaction between technology and medicine with the aim of benefiting you and your health; by connecting doctors from the United States with patients from every corner of the globe in order to break the boundaries through innovation in the medical field.
Minovici Medical Development
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Inovating the medical industry

One can distinguish a tradition of innovation that has lasted for over a century in Romania through the Minovici family, which is now going through a new stage, meant to increase the recognition of the skill and the decisive contribution to the practice of professional medicine.

Descendant of the Minovici brothers, globally recognized for the quality of innovations in forensic medicine, Stefan A. Minovici is the craftsman of Minovici Medical Development, a project designed to facilitate in a decisive way the meeting between technology and medical care.

With an outstanding experience of over fifteen years and cognizance in the medical field, Stefan A. Minovici, transforms the concept of medicine and brings it to the highest standards of effectiveness: a platform through which health care services can be provided online, where distance and effort of a visit are notions that remain outside the proposed concept.

Message from the founder

Taking the Minovici heritage further

It is my privilege and great honor to be able to serve my native country, as well as my adopted one, by merging together two healthcare systems through the Minovici Medical Development platform. Our primary concern is to further benefit the patients who seek second opinions in regards their medical status, along with helping improve the current healthcare system.

For this reason, MMD created the first US-Romania telemedicine platform, a project that honors the memory of the modern medicine founders in Romania, Nicolae, Stefan and Mina Minovici.

By all accounts, telemedicine represents the future and it will be for generations to come as the current pandemic crisis forces new and more effective ways to evaluate, prevent, care and find solutions for the most vulnerable and disadvantaged of patients.

Please join us and explore a more special and significant way to improve your health and get the medical second opinion that will bring you peace of mind.

Respectfully yours,

Stefan A. Minovici

Telemedicine Platform
Second Opinion provided by USA’s finest
Telemedicine means accelerated access to medical consultations, regardless of the distance between doctor and patient (in the case of MMD, the bridge of communication being established between the USA and Romania). The objectives of telemedicine are to facilitate patient care, provide the possibility of a medical consultation when necessary and increase the results of medical treatments.

Using the latest advances in information and communication technology, it brings together doctors and patients located in different places. With the help of modern communication practices, doctors can consult, treat and monitor patients at a distance, without compromising healthcare standards.

With the provision of an extremely intuitive telemedicine platform, easy to operate and access (requires only internet connection) such as MMD to people with various conditions, Romania is included in the summary of states with access to a type of medical service that manages to travel in record time the path from pioneering to scientific advancement.

Tele-Medicine Specialities
A leap forward twards your wellbeing through technology.
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Taking the Minovici heritage further

The Minovici family is connected with a significant part of the first major milestones that Romania reached at the beginning of its journey as a nation, that wants to practice the most modern and efficient medical services. Thanks to the research, experiments and dedication of its members, the Minovici family has raised the standards of innovation worldwide and continues to successfully practice the exercise of modernizing medical services even today.

From the first ambulance and the first Legal Medicine Institute to the first platform in Romania dedicated exclusively to telemedicine, the historical destiny of the Minovici family is confronting with the benefit of accurate diagnosis and treatment in medicine.

The seal of quality and professionalism, traditional in the Minovici dynasty, are the guarantor of the value and success of the projects of a future that begins today, through Minovici Medical Development.