The Minovici Brothers Legacy

History and the future alike, confirm not only the seal of quality and professionalism that the Minovici dynasty carries through time, but also it emphasizes the successful innovative path in medicine.
Innovating the medical industry
Innovation drives the Minovici Family

The Minovici Medical Development, in partnership with Mount Sinai International of New York, offers Patient Referral and Concierge Services – bringing the severely ill patients to New York for treatment, operations and procedures of any kind.

Our Services include obtaining a visa from the US Embassy in Bucharest for medical / humanitarian reasons and picking up the patients at JFK airport in NY and transferring to hotel/residency by chauffer or limousine depending on the patient’s needs and budgets. MMD will provide housing or discounted hotel rates for accompanying family members.

MMD pre-negotiated rates that are less costly than standard practicing rates offered to local American patients. These cases will have the utmost attention and care. They will be based on initial diagnostics, 2nd opinion, a through biopsy investigation, and a recommendation by a top board of physicians by Mount Sinai International. Patient referral is a unique concierge service dedicated to MMD patients only.

The pioneer of Forensic Medicine.
Prof. Dr. Mina Minovici

Stefan and Nicolae Minovici’s older brother, Dr. Mina Minovici, was born in Braila, in a family of Aromana origins and studied at the Higher School of Pharmacy in Bucharest. In 1885 he completed his courses at the University of Medicine and Pharmacy “Carol Davila” in Bucharest, and in 1888 he defended his doctoral thesis entitled “Forensic study on sudden death following a blow to the abdomen and the larynx”, at the University of Paris.

The following year, he was appointed assistant in the Chemistry department of the University of Medicine and Pharmacy in Bucharest. In 1892 he was appointed Director of the Institute of Forensic Medicine in Bucharest, and in 1896 he became chief autopsy officer at the Faculty of Law of the University of Bucharest. In 1919 he was elected Dean of the University of Medicine and Pharmacy “Carol Davila” and reinstated in 1923, 1925 and 1930. Together with Radu D. Rosetti and the politician Grigore Trancu-Iasi, he founded the company Nirvana (later called Cenusa), which operated in the crematorium in Bucharest.

Finally, Dr. Mina Minovici died on April 25, 1933 and was buried in Belu Cemetery. He left behind a huge legacy in forensic medicine and remained one of the most important personalities in this field, both in Europe and in the world, laying the foundations of the modern system of forensic medicine in Romania. Dr. Mina Minovici developed, for the first time, the concept of “morgue” and laid the foundations of forensic medicine as a research area. In May 2008, the Romanian Ministry of Health declared the year of Mina Minovici in Romanian medicine.

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Founder of The Romanian Chemical Society
Prof. Dr. Stefan Minovici

Originally from Ramnicul Sarat, Dr. Stefan Minovici studied in Braila between 1875 and 1882, then moved to Bucharest to complete high school at St. Sava National College. Later, he enrolled at the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Bucharest, where he graduated in physics and chemistry, and later enrolled at Friedrich Wilheim University in Berlin, where he studied under Emil Fischer until 1897.

In 1899, Dr. Stefan Minovici joined the Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy in Bucharest, and in 1912 he became a professor at the University of Bucharest. Moreover, in 1925 he was appointed Director of the Institute of Organic Chemistry at the University..

He founded the Romanian Chemical Society, which later became the official body representing Romania in the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry in Paris. Dr. Stefan Minovici died on December 29, 1935, but his legacy remains in history due to his family and medical dogma.

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The Pioneer of Anthropometric Research in Romania
Prof. Dr. Nicolae Minovici

Dr. Nicolae Minovici was born on October 23, 1868, in Ramnicu Sarat. After attending the courses of the Saint Sava National College, he managed to obtain the title of Doctor of Medicine with the work “Tattoos in Romania”, published in 1898, thus becoming a pioneer in anthropometric research in Romania.

His subsequent research was based on the effects felt by the human body and psyche at the time of hanging. These were performed by the method of the experiment, most of which were performed on himself. Thus, the psychological effects and traumas caused by the hanging process could be established and described. Another area of interest of these studies was to identify the link between tattoos and criminal behavior. Dr. Nicolae Minovici performed 12 experiments lasting about five seconds each, using a dynamometer attached to a node placed in different positions around his neck. Among his observations is an association of the phenomenon with effects such as blurred vision, skin color change and tinnitus (ringing in the ear).

For his last attempt, an assistant was needed to help him complete the experiment. Even though it had been a directed hanging and his legs had not left the floor, he noticed that the neck pain persisted for a month. He later went on to suffocation experiments, where volunteers were tested by applying pressure to the carotid arteries and jugular veins for five seconds. Following these, symptoms similar to those of the hanging experiment were noticed, adding numbness and tingling sensations to the body. In 1904 he published a 200-page paper entitled “Study on Hanging”, the following year appeared in French, under the name “Etude sur la pendaison”.

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Taking the Minovici Heritage further.

It is my privilege and great honor to be able to serve my native country, as well as my adopted one, by merging together two healthcare systems through the Minovici Medical Development platform. Our primary concern is to further benefit the patients who seek opinions in regards to their medical status, along with helping improve the current healthcare system. For this reason, MMD created the first US-Romania telemedicine platform, a project that honors the memory of the modern medicine founders in Romania, Nicolae, Stefan and Mina Minovici. It represents the future of healthcare systems worldwide as mankind is fighting pandemics, global crisis, wars, which in some cases severely limits access to doctors or hospitals or worse. Please join us and explore a special and significant way to improve your health through an American opinion and added peace of mind.

Stefan A. Minovici Founder of MMD
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